Inauguration of MassChallenge Switzerland accelerator, with Bühler as founding partner

Innovation is at the core of Bühler’s strategy. The company invests 4 to 5% of its turnover in research and development every year. Bühler supports and fosters open and collaborative innovation initiatives, such as the MassChallenge Switzerland. The innovation accelerator opened its 1000m2 coworking space in Lausanne, Switzerland, to more than 70 start-ups for a 4-month program.

MassChallenge Switzerland today officially opened 1000 m2 of purpose designed co-working space in Lausanne, Switzerland. Thanks to the generous support of the landlord (CACIB SA) this accelerator, that will host more than 70 start-ups for the coming 4 months, has been completed in just 4 months.


Bühler is already been a sponsor of the MassChallenge in Boston, USA, and is one of six founding partners of MassChallenge in Switzerland. Partners include Nestlé and Givaudan as well as the Swiss Economic Forum, the Foundation Bailly and the Inartis Foundation. At the opening ceremony two new founding partners were announced, GEA and Barry Callebaut. “We are delighted to welcome two global leaders in the food and food technology space, GEA and Barry Callebaut, to join our founding partner group. We have an amazing constellation of global leaders in food and technology supporting the MassChallenge accelerator, all of whom will provide valuable mentoring for our first wave of start-ups.” stated Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer at Bühler.

As part of its innovation strategy, Bühler supports and fosters open and collaborative innovation, such as the MassChallenge in Switzerland. “In our fast driven and complex world, innovation demands collaboration – with customers, with the science community and investors”, says Ian Roberts. “This year, we have opened the accelerator to corporate teams from the founding partners, including two teams from Bühler. This will help us unlock our innovation power and become more entrepreneurial.” Bühler already invests heavily in innovation, with 4 to 5% of its turnover going to research and development every year.


The start-ups participating in the MassChallenge Switzerland will engage with high-profile speakers, expert mentors, and a global network of high-level corporate and governmental contacts during the four-month program. The accelerator will culminate in November 2016, at the MassChallenge Switzerland Awards Ceremony, where entrepreneurs will pitch their innovations with the chance to win a share of up to 1 million CHF in zero-equity prizes.

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Bühler Networking Days 2016: From August 22nd to August 24th the Bühler Networking Days will take place in Uzwil, Switzerland. CEOs and opinion leaders from the grain processing industry will present and discuss current trends, challenges, and solutions, with a focus on food and feed safety, nutrition, sustainability, und the Internet of Things. Concurrently with the Bühler Networking Days, Bühler presents more than 30 innovations product launches in an exhibition covering 1800 square meters. More information:

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