Bühler Partners with TAM Systems to bring Sustainable Innovations to the Animal Feed Industry

Minneapolis (USA), May 19, 2021 – The feed processing market is expected to witness significant growth by 2027, driven by massive growth in feed ingredients, new product launches, and the adoption of new processing technologies. Bühler Group and TAM Systems are poised to support this forecast with a new Reseller Partnership.

The partnership will make Bühler's equipment portfolio more accessible to a greater number of feed processors; a portfolio that is designed and engineered using innovative technologies and digital advances that can revolutionize agriculture, and increase yields within environmental boundaries.


TAM is an employee-owned agricultural construction company that specializes in grain storage, handling, drying and conditioning equipment. TAM is known for its unparalleled customer service, with expertise in delivering tailored solutions and vigorous ongoing customer support. A mission and values that Bühler shares.


“This is a partnership that will enable us to better respond to the customer of today, and where the industry will be tomorrow,” said Dianne D. Campbell, Bühler’s Channel Sales Manager for the US and Canada. “TAM brings tremendous value in the Mid-Atlantic region as a trusted authority in the agricultural and grain handling markets with a rich history of building long-term relationships with customers, by offering first-class sales and service. We are incredibly excited to have them as a partner.”


As a channel partner, TAM will provide local design, sales, and service expertise and decrease turnaround time to support customers in the region. The partnership also aims to eliminate waste, not only in the manufacturing and construction environment, but in the design of new and existing facilities, as well as processing operations. This supports Bühler’s global sustainability goal to reduce energy requirements and waste by 50% in customer value chains.


“Combining Bühler’s impeccable reputation for manufacturing processing equipment, with TAM Systems’ top-notch expertise and customer relations, will result in TAM and Bühler offering customers in the US Mid-Atlantic region quality solutions and excellent support,” Campbell said.

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