Bühler Committed to UN Sustainability Goals

Uzwil, September 7, 2015: “The new UN Sustainable Development Goals – most likely to be agreed within the next weeks – are a significant and highly important step towards a sustainable development of the entire world. These goals can only be reached on the basis of political and technological progress. Despite its size, Switzerland and its economy could play a relevant role on the way to achieving these goals thanks to its food, medical, and engineering industries as well as its excellent scientific scene. Bühler, which contributes to safe food and lower carbon emissions with its business, is fully committed to these goals,” said Ian Roberts, Chief Technology Officer, at the 20th Lifefair Forum in Zürich. 

1 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day, have limited access to drinking water and safe food. Access to affordable and nutritious food is insufficient. Yet 30% of food is lost or wasted. Currently 780 million people suffer from malnutrition. To fight poverty and global inequality, the UN member states will define 17 new development goals (Sustainable Development Goals) in September 2015. On the occasion of the 20th Lifefair Forum – the forum for sustainability –Ian Roberts, Bühler CTO, pointed to the significance of the business community for achieving these targets. He said that sustainable development was only possible on the basis of global collaboration between a wide diversity of players, continuous technological progress, and the creation of sustainable and innovative solutions at the ecological, economic, and social levels. Bühler sees an opportunity in the challenges and changed expectations of today’s world to make a substantial contribution to a profound development and to position itself in a growing market as a leading solution provider.

With its Grains&Food business unit, Bühler develops – among other things – solutions for ensuring safe and energy-efficient grain processing – for the production of atta flour for making traditional Indian flat bread, an industrial process was developed which ensures the traditional taste and the required consistency, but operates at industrial capacity and with hygienic grinding technology and uses as much as 10% less energy. Its Advanced Materials business unit helps reduce fuel consumption of cars with its solutions for making lightweight aluminum structural components and develops new processes for manufacturing electric batteries. In addition, Bühler is committed on a global scale to training and continuing education: At the start of this year, the Group opened its first vocational training school – the African Milling School – for grain millers in Africa to offer young people in this continent promising future opportunities to obtain professional qualifications. 

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