The future is now!

Bühler Annual Report 2019

The future is now!

Bühler Annual Report 2019

Statement from CEO Stefan Scheiber and Chairman Calvin Grieder of Bühler Group

The future is now!

Any strategy is only as good as the operational implementation it precedes. In this sense, 2019 was a confirmation of our fundamental orientation in several respects. Bühler Group’s business performance was stable in a volatile market environment. 

Interview with Ian Roberts, CTO of Bühler Group

“Our mission has just begun”

Bühler Chief Technology Officer, Ian Roberts, explains industry’s role in creating a sustainable future and underlines the importance of collaboration and digitalization in reaching our new sustainability targets.

Interview with Stefan Scheiber, CEO and Mark Macus, CFO

Bühler reported good performance in 2019

In 2019, Bühler delivered good performance at Group level. Turnover was stable, while order intake decreased. Bühler increased its investments into innovation to a record high, and its financial position remained strong, improving equity ratio.

Highlights of 2019

2019 performance overview

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net profit
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We engineer customer success

Fruitful partnerships in 2019

In three examples, we show how we honor this promise to help our customers change the world for the better.

The future is now!

In August, 800 guests from industry and research accepted Bühler’s invitation to Networking Days 2019, in Uzwil, Switzerland. 

Board of Directors and Executive Board

Annual Report 2019

In 2019, Bühler delivered good performance at Group level, increasing the EBIT margin to 7.6% (prior year 7.1%). Turnover was stable at CHF 3.3 billion while order intake decreased by 4.6% to CHF 3.1 billion. The newly-formed Consumer Foods segment, which was created after the acquisition of the Haas Group, exceeded expectations and made a material contribution to the good Group results. 



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