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Johannesburg, South Africa

Refurbish your dies and rolls, access Bühler spare parts and get support from trained engineers at our service center in Johannesburg. Our specialists can assist with after-sales service throughout the lifetime of your production plant.
We have a strong local presence and offer a fast response to any enquiry, with short delivery times.

We are a global market leader in milling, feed and food processing solutions as well as advanced materials. From Johannesburg we cover Southern Africa. We also coordinate sales activities and customer service for most of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Facts about this location

We provide value-added solutions and after-sales service across Sub Saharan Africa.
Around-the-clock engineering services
Get in touch any time, day or night. Our professional service engineers are available 24/7 to help reduce downtime in your plant.
The year we started in Johannesburg
We offer a strong and trusted local presence in Africa with a state-of-the-art workshop and a local stock of spare parts.

Bühler Southern Africa - Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

Marketing & Events

Bühler DA MultiVision Optical Sorter

The Bühler DA MultiVision Optical Sorter is the latest addition to Bühler's optical sorting portfolio, purposely designed to sort grains, pulses, spices and seeds. This new cost-effective sorting range is available with up to 5 modules.

Bühler DR-M Optical Sorting

Bühler's new cost-efficient optical sorter is specially designed for conventional sorting in wheat applications. It simultaneously detects colour defects and foreign matter, and significantly reduces contamination from stones.

Universal cleaning machine TAS

The TAS universal cleaning machine is a high-end grain cleaning machine for processing different types of grain into high-quality products. This high-throughput, hygienic and efficient system is used for the reception and storage of grain.


SnackFix is a small-scale production system for a diverse range of cereal bars. The flexible modular design is a good way to start your industrial production, capable of producing up to 3000 - 4000 cereal or protein bars per hour.


Every coffee manufacturing application requires individual roasting processes to optimise product properties. The RoastMaster20 is ideal for start-up businesses and small –scale industrial operations with a throughput of up to 70 kg of green beans/hour.

How to find us

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How to find us

Johannesburg, South Africa


011 801 3500

5-Star Business Park, Juice street, Honeydew