Feed ingredients

Raw material intake


The perfect starting concept

Benefit from 24/7 support and 150 years of Bühler experience for grain intake and storage systems, including digital apps to monitor grain silos online and on your phone.




From intake to pellet

Our conveyor lines cover all applications throughout your feed value-added chain, from raw material intake to conveying finished pellets. We customize a system to meet your space and process needs, using any combination of elevators, trough chain, belt and screw conveyors.




Optimizing storage conditions

Our storage and dosing bins are designed to optimally discharge the product with a high degree of flexibility as each cell is suitable for every desired product. Guaranteeing a hygienic, low-dust working environment and avoiding contamination thanks to no mixing of products between cells.


Dedusting and filtering


Effectively counteracting dust

Our dust aspiration systems can be used along your entire feed value-added chain to meet all relevant market requirements. We can help you avoid explosive atmospheres and protect your employees, environment and plant. Valuable fine product can be led back into the process stream, reducing waste.




Separation you can rely on

We can offer you a range of solutions, from start to finish: coarse, pre- and main cleaning to separate chaff from wheat; primary sieving ahead of hammer mills for different fractions; grading equipment to separate pellets and crumbles; and final sifting to meet your end product needs.




Powerful size reduction

With our versatile grinding portfolio, consisting of horizontal and vertical hammer mills as well as roller mills, we can cover all of your size reduction needs. We can offer you solutions for pre- and post-grinding, coarse and fine grinding, as well as for creating crumbles of various sizes.


Weighing and dosing


Precise like a Swiss watch

The quality of your recipe essentially depends on the accuracy of the dosing and weighing of the ingredients in your mixed feed. Our solutions are designed to feed and proportion each ingredient with the high precision you need.




Precise mixing results

Mixing plays a key role in the processing of your feed. Our batch mixers with different holding capacities and smart paddle design offer you a quick and precise mixing cycle. Optional liquids-addition equipment can deliver the right liquidity too.




Pack your bags

As a comprehensive solution provider, we can offer you a range of customized concepts for bagging your finished mixed feed, ready for dispatch.


Intelligent process optimization


Record, Analyze, Optimize, Excel

As your product passes through your feed mill, our IoT systems can monitor KPIs like moisture, protein, fat or temperatures. This data is fed into your machine control for immediate adjustments, while algorithms continuously update your production parameters to achieve optimum efficiency.

Premixes and concentrates