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The port has 3 bulk grain loading berths with a loading efficiency of 6,000 tons per hour and 1 bulk grain unloading berth with an unloading efficency of 2,000 tons per hour.

Beiliang port is a world-class professional grain wharf, integration loading and unloading, storage and transportation, pioneering the "four dispersal" domecstic grain transportation model, and serving as a pivotal port for "grain transportation from north to south" and grain import in north-east China. The total capacity of Beiliang port is 2 million tons, and the annual throughput is up to 13 million tons, including 8 million tons of corn and soybeans.

Why Bühler?

With the integration of the world economy, international and regional trading are increasing, which leads to the rapid increase of port throughput and makes loading and unloading efficiency a top priority for ports. The technical characteristics of ship handling machines are therefore developing rapidly towards large, efficient, environmentally friendly, and automated technology. In 1999, in order to build a world-class professional grain port, Beiliang selected Bühler, the leader in ship handling machinery industry, as its strategic cooperative supplier to provide Portalink, a mechanical continuous unloader, and Portaload, a loader. So far, this equpiment has performed efficiently and stably for nearly 20 years.

Facts about the Loading and Unloading System at Beiliang Port

1000 t/h
Conveying capacity - Unloader & Loader
Both machines have the same conveying capacity.
80000 DWT
Ship capacity - Unloader
Besides that the Loader can offer a ship capacity with 30,000 DWT.
208 tons
weights the Unloader
The Unloader weighs more than twice as much as the Loader.

Bühler ship handling machinery

After nearly 20 years of using Bühler ship handling machinery, it is clear to Beiliang employees that Bühler is the right choice with a high return on investment. Compared to other machines, Bühler ship handling machinery can accomplish more tasks in the same amount of time. This is not only significantly improves the capacity, but also greatly reduces the demand for port berths, effectivley increasing berth utilization and ensuring long-term stability of loading and unloading work.

Thanks to its simple design, minimum operating personnel and low equipment maintenance, costs have been reduced, and the machinery's stable operation for 20 years enables Beiliang to optain value from each unloading operation. Bühler ship handling machinery is special equipment used in the grain wharf that can fully meet the requirements of modern wharfs. Bühler provides customized services based on the actual situation and needs of clients' projects, as well as decades of accumulated experience in the ship handling systems, to ensure flawless performance and maximize clients' benefits.

Bühler's environmental awareness

What must be mentioned is Bühler's advanced environmental concept as the industry leader. Nowadays, food saftey is highly valued. For loading wharfs in bulk grain transport ports, dust pollution is an ever-present issue.


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