Raiffeisen Hemau Kallmünz, Germany

Efficient harvesting

During harvest season perfect timing is important. The farmer has to use good weather optimal to be able to store the grain at the right time. Farmer Norbert Graf has to do this as well.

Norbert Graf has a farm, which is in fourth family generation, not far away from the agricultural site Pfraundorf. The agricultural site Pfraundorf was built in close cooperation with Bühler. The grain of almost 600 farmers of the region as well as the grain of Norbert Graf - as a membor of companionship - is stored in the agricultural site Pfraundorf.

During the long harvest days Norbert and his colleagues dirve several times to the agricultural site Pfraundorf and remove their grain whether it is wheat, barley or rape. The farmer are aware of the time pressure during summer months as the harvester is working non-stop on the field. This is why the old storage in the heart of Kallmünz with a intake capacity of 60t/h has been far too small during peak harvest time. Waiting times of more than several hours has been no curiosity.

Why Bühler?

It was important for us to have a company that could handle the entire project from beginning to end. Bühler has already been a partner for us in previous buildings and has always assisted us, in service as well, and was our first point of contact. Bühler is quickly available because of the short distance which is extremely important for our ongoing operation; we didn’t have that with other competitors before. Bühler is also constantly asking us, even after we were up and running, whether everything is working, or what we could improve. That is a big plus-point for Bühler. Gottfried Glaab, Head manager of commodities agricultural site Pfraundorf, Germany.

Facts about agricultural site Pfraundorf

corrugated metal silos with cooling cone
and a total storage capacity of 8,400t.
corrugated metal silos with funnel
and a total storage capacity of 1,100 t.
New plant
was commissioned by Bühler
It was important for us to have a company that could handle the entire project from beginning to end. Bühler has already been a partner for Raiffeisenbank Hemau-Kallmünz in previous buildings and has always assited, in service as well, and therefor Bühler was the first point of contact.

Gottfried Glaab, Head Manager of Commodities - Raiffeisen Hemau-Kallmünz

Service availability as an important feature

The reliable operation of the plant is very important, especially at harvest time, for the agricultural site. Bühler's regular servicing and the plant automation ensure that this happens. In the event of a problem, Bühler can be there within minutes because it is located so close by. Gottfried Glaab praises this strong partnership. Since the commissioning there has been a lot of encouragement and praise for the efficiency of the new agricultural site.


Especially the short waiting times during intake are a positive aspect. Hans-Peter Konrad is also satisfied: "Bühler has created a plant jointly with the customers that serves the farmers and the region. It personally fills me with pride when I visit the farm and hear about how satisfied the operators - our customers - are, as well as the farmers. The plant has been well received here."

Gottfried Glaab is glad to personally confrim this: "One also hears from customers, when the sun shines on the plant in the morning, that it is an attractiv site, and it gives a feeling of pride to say, I work here."

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