KBS, Banten, Indonesia

Speed, efficiency, food safety.

Krakatau Bandar Samudera (KBS) was founded in 1996 and operates the largest dry bulk port in Indonesia, with a capacity of 25 million tons per year. It also provides logistics services, and central to its operations is the importance of speed and flexibility.

In 2020 the company chose Bühler’s high efficiency Portalink as its first continuous ship unloader to unload grain onto its jetty, thanks to Portalink’s maximum unloading throughput of up to 1,300 tons per hour. Local requirements in Cilegon, Banten mean that ships need be unloaded as quickly, efficiently and cleanly as possible, and with its efficient unloading, gentle product handling and low operating costs, Portalink has proved to be the ideal solution.

A significant challenge faced by KBS is the ability to maintain its customer base at the same time as boosting income in an increasingly stagnant market. Portalink has enabled them to demonstrate that they can be faster and cleaner than other companies, helping them to secure vital increases in profit.

Another key reason for choosing Portalink is the protection offered by closed-system technology. This helps to ensure zero losses, extremely high levels of cleanliness and food hygiene, and far fewer broken grains thanks to gentle product handling. Portalink is also highly energy efficient and easy to maintain, and requires far lower labor resources than other solutions. This has helped the company to reduce its monthly outgoings on staff by around a third, reducing overall costs even further.

Bühler’s WinCos automation solution also allows staff and customers to monitor every aspect of unloading in real time, providing KBS with a distinct advantage over competitors. Working closely together, Bühler and KBS were able to fully overcome any logistical problems they faced in

embarking on the project during a pandemic year. KBS were also impressed by the ease with which they could get in touch with Bühler, and Bühler’s significant local presence. The fact that Bühler is a single-source, full solution provider able to supply essential additional items such as conveyors and warehouse facilities was also highly beneficial.

Added to all of this was the company’s full commitment to ongoing customer care, and its market-leading focus on digitalization. As KBS said, “Bühler has no competitor right now. You’re a pioneer in technology.”



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Along with the innovations at Cigading Port, Bühler offers a high quality and modern technology which aligns with the vision of KBS. We felt very supported by Bühler with this innovation.

M. Akbar Djohan, Chief Executive Officer, PT. Krakatau Bandar Samudera

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