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The new 200 note from Switzerland was launched - also thanks to Bühler technology.

Almost all new banknote colors worldwide are mixed on mixing and fine dispersing machines from Bühler. The newest newcomer was introduced in August and comes from Switzerland: the new 200-franc note.

A soft hum. There's not much else coming from the three roller mill – unimpressed, diligent. It's a suitable background noise, because the production of banknote ink is a sober, closely controlled process. The new 200 franc notes are created for the Swiss National Bank, or SNB, with the earth brown ink that is evenly distributed by the ink manufacturer over the turning rollers, The three roller mill from Bühler only hums until the color has reached the right consistency and brightness.

"The roller technology that we use in our machines produces a consistent high quality ink. Reproducibility is one of the most important criteria for our customers," said Norbert Kern, Head of Process Technology at Bühler Grinding & Dispersing. The department produces solutions for color ink manufacture, and with its technology for banknote ink manufacturing it enjoys the highest confidence of national banks and banknote presses around the world – its colors have to match.

Swiss bank notes

55 million
200 franc notes contain ink from Bühler.
Yet no ink remnants can disappear in the process. Employees can trace how much produced ink has left the machine and how much remains in there.
High quality
Each bill has to be flawless.
Bühler uses wear-resistant VIVA rollers for that. They can produce such large quantities of the same high color quality across their entire length.

Orders with national prestige

"With our technologies and machines, we meet our customers' highest requirements in the production of banknotes for security, quality, and reliability," said Cornel Mendler, Managing Director of Grinding & Dispersing. The machines from Uzwil dominate the market for fine dispersing of banknote ink. In the last three years, Bühler has won every tender in which it has participated.
Customers are primarily national banks or manufacturers of security printing inks. With more than 75 percent of the market share, Bühler dominates in supplying these kinds of production machines.

For orders of national prestige, national institutions rely on the quality of Bühler. "For more than 40 years, Bühler has been supplying the industry with technology for producing banknote inks. For orders of such significance, our customers do not want to add any risk. Our good references are the convincing sales argument," said Cornel Mendler, Managing Director of Grinding & Dispersing at Bühler Group.

With our technology, we meet the highest requirements for security, quality, and reliability.

Cornel Mendler, Managing Director of Bühler Grinding & Dispersing Technologies

Consistent high quality

Since August 2018, the old Swiss 200 franc notes have been replaced piece by piece with the flawlessly processed new bills. High quality can be achieved in such quantities of banknote ink only with precision. "We are able to do this thanks to our high level of manufacturing precision and the wear-resistant rollers," said Norbert Kern.

VIVA rollers have no crown bow, meaning the middle of the roller is not thicker than the ends, like ordinary rollers. As a result, VIVA rollers produce the same high color quality across their entire length.

Security features from Bühler too

In addition to inks that can be traced back to before the mixing process, Bühler also produces solutions for manufacturing security features. Bühler Leybold Optics contributes with holograms for counterfeit protection on Euro banknotes. Their vacuum coating equipment applies a razor-thin layer of zinc sulfide and aluminum to make the hologram on the Euro note more visible.

Security features like holograms, glittering security threads, or elevations on the paper make banknotes unique. Money is never just money: every value, every currency, every design is different. Most of the banknotes around the world have only one thing in common: their coloring is accompanied by a soft hum.

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