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Vacuum system


Seamlessly integrated into your Carat, Evolution, Fusion or Ecoline S die-casting system, SmartVac measures all of your relevant vacuum parameters in real time to enhance process stability and improve the quality of your cast parts.

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Key benefits

Full traceability

Your casting and vacuum data is stored within the die-casting control system, making handling and tracking of your parts and parameters much easier.

Increased process transparency

All relevant vacuum parameters are measured, monitored and assigned to the die-casting process directly – for comprehensive process transparency.

Improved process control

SmartVac is integrated seamlessly into your die-casting system, providing immediate visualizations that allow you to react much faster to any deviations.

Highlight features


Works with multiple valves to suit your process

SmartVac provides direct control and monitoring of commercially available vacuum valves. This includes self-closing valves that are mechanically, thermally (chill block vents) or hydraulically actuated – or combinations thereof.

Improved uptime

For proactive maintenance

Process values are recorded cyclically and provide information about the current state of the system. So you are immediately aware of any leaks around the die, and instantly know when a filter has to be cleaned or changed. It also helps you to plan your maintenance proactively, before it impacts on your product quality or leads to a failure.


Improved process transparency

Your process setup and diagnostics are available on one screen, with a real-time process parameter overview at all times. In addition, SmartVac allows exact documentation, providing you with the required amount of information, which is especially necessary for the high quality demands of the automotive industry.

The SmartVac system meets our high demands. It works very reliably improving the availability of the plant. High quality is guaranteed as well. The waste rate has been reduced by 2.5 % thanks to the higher availability and reduction of downtime. Plus, changing dies can be done very quickly, which means a gain in flexibility for us.

Steffen Pech, Casting Manager, DGS Druckguss Systeme AG

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