Die casting

Advanced die-casting machines for your foundry

Die casting

Advanced die-casting machines for your foundry

We manufacture advanced die-casting machines from 3,400 up to 92,000 kN locking force. From a single machine to a fully integrated die-casting cell, we build customized solutions for your foundry. Every die-casting system is engineered to meet your precise production needs. 

Our solutions, focused on availability, cycle time and quality production, are used to produce demanding components across a wide range of applications around the world.

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Automation solutions

Improved control over your entire die-casting system

We offer one integrated solution. Each system is tailored to the parts you produce, your processes and factory environment, ensuring you get the efficiency, quality, ease of operation and automation to suit your precise needs.

The first and most important step towards our vision is the introduction of our cell management system SmartCMS, to enable one point of access to view, control and operate the entire die-casting cell.

Integrated peripherals

Integrating peripherals for a better performance

We offer a full range of peripherals, from vacuum systems, sprayers and markers to ladlers, extractors and robots. The integration of our peripheral devices allows for a consistent operating concept, for an easier handling of your die-casting system. Additionally, we can integrate your preferred peripherals into your customized production solution.

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