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Welcome to the world of sweet treats and savory bites. At interpack, we will be presenting a variety of baked products that will inspire you to think up new creations to delight your customers. Additionally, you will find out more about our sustainable solutions: discover how you can save energy and reduce the waste of precious resources in your production through innovative machinery and specifically tailored customer service. Together, we can reduce waste, water and energy usage in your value chains by 50% by 2025.

Working towards a more sustainable future

90 %
fewer noxious emissions
with the Franz Haas SWAKT-Eco wafer baking oven
95 %
energy savings
thanks to the Tubex Pro scale
100 %
emission-free baking
using the Meincke Turbu 4.0 electric oven

Our solutions at interpack

Our innovative milling solutions help you make the leap into the future. The AlPesa milling system for whole wheat and atta flours can be operated and monitored not only from the touch screen integrated in the switch cabinet, but also from wherever you are via PC, smartphone or tablet. With a throughput of up to 18 tons per day you will take your flour production to the next level.

Our Tubex Pro, a new generation of scales with an electromechanical drive system, uses up to 95% less energy than standard scales that use pneumatic cylinders. Take another stop along the value chain: with JetMix hydration solutions you can reduce mixing and kneading time by up to 50%. Fine and creamy pre-ferments or sourdoughs can be created in seconds.

Achieve excellent mixing and kneading results in a short time with the Mondomix HSM for bread products and all kinds of biscuits, cookies and crackers. The ContiMix for products such as croissants is a continuous dough extruder which combines the mixing, kneading and pressure treatment processes in one machine. Consequently, depending on the end product it can even eliminate the need for downstream equipment. Dough yield is improved by up to 9% while improving overall end product quality and reducing product rejects. The Mondomix VL aerator ensures that your batters and creams are aerated to the highest hygienic standards.

The Franz Haas EWB-R IND allows for the environmentally-friendly production of a broad variety of wafer sticks. Thanks to uniform induction heating, this wafer stick baking oven is completely emission-free while ensuring the highest baking quality. A capacity tuning option makes it possible to increase output with the same machine by up to 35%. Packaging alternatives can be produced with a Franz Haas MTA, a wafer baking oven for moulded cones and cups. Wafer-based coffee cups could replace disposable coffee cups and make an important contribution to reducing waste.

When we started designing our new wafer baking oven, our first priority was to support our customers in producing more sustainably.

Sandra Lutz, Department Head of Product Management Wafer

Our Franz Haas SWAKT-Eco wafer baking oven sets new sustainability standards: thanks to its industry-leading heating system, gas consumption is reduced by up to 30% and noxious emissions are up to 90% lower. With the Franz Haas FSTM-Modular we are able to assemble a film spreading machine according to your exact needs. Whether you are spreading your wafers with sweet or savory cream, this machine is designed to precisely adjust the thickness of the film of cream to ensure equal cream distribution and use resources efficiently.

Save energy while producing rolled sugar cones with the Franz Haas Caiman-D 324. The baking oven is outfitted with a two-circuit heating system which achieves even baking results and a high product quality while using less energy.

If you are a waffle producer with a Franz Haas SOW oven with Teflon coated baking plates, the new Franz Haas CELAS coated baking plates provide a new, more sustainable and cost-effective solution. The Franz Haas CELAS coating does not need to be renewed and the baking plates can be cleaned in place, eliminating the need to purchase a second set.

Switch between different doughs with the Meincke H60-1 biscuit wire cutter and depositor and keep your products allergen-free thanks to its highly hygienic design, whether you produce butter cookies, meringues or éclairs. You can also shape your products with the Meincke Duocut roller cutting machine which embosses and cuts hard dough biscuits, lye products and crackers.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial tunnel ovens, we are steadily working to help you use energy more efficiently. The Meincke Turbu 4.0 is an innovative electric, emission-free tunnel oven. An optional heat recovery unit can retain and reuse up to 15% of surplus heat that would otherwise be lost.

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