Focused on food safety

You need to be 100% certain of your ingredients. Our flour intake systems can include a coarse screen, a pressure pipe screen and an inline control sieve to remove coarse particles and foreign objects. Silo discharge systems feature the first-in-first-out principle (FIFO) for highest food safety.

Weighing and dosing


The precision you need

Precision is essential for recipe control. Our weighing and dosing systems provide precise weighing, individual dosing parameters and hygienic transport for each product. Compact designs offer a high capacity with stringent sanitation standards, customized to meet your needs.



Creating smooth batter & cream

Mixing is a key process for baked goods. The right mixing solution produces a homogenous batter in the shortest amount of time possible. More about mixing




Turning batter into treats

At the heart of this process lies a wafer stick oven. The batter is applied to a rotating heated baking ring. After baking, stripping knives take off the flexible batter strips. More about baking.




Forming wafer sticks

The still flexible batter strips are wound around mandrels to form the sticks. The sticks can be filled, cut and/or turned into different shapes in a further processing step. Possibilities include punching the sticks into fan shapes, pressing them flat or crimping them to produce pillow sticks.


Aerated fat cream


From fat to fat creams

Aeration enriches the fat cream with air to create a lighter texture and mouthfeel.

More about aerating




Cooling the wafer sticks

A wafer stick cooling tunnel lets the wafer sticks cool down and turns them around so that they can be fed to the further downstream equipment.

More about cooling. 



Cutting the wafer sticks

Optionally, you can use a wafer stick saw to cut the sticks to your desired length. This provides a clean-cut edge important for high-end products and enrobed wafer sticks.




Handing over the wafer sticks

The HH-ASV separates the wafer sticks into single products with dischargers and acceleration belts. After this process they are ready for enrobing.




Adding the final touch

The wafer sticks get enrobed with chocolate or other coatings to give them a luxurious finishing touch. Our advanced enrobing and decorating technologies are designed for consistent finishing. The innovative machine design ensures fast changeover between products, with cleaning away from your line.


Wafer sticks and pillows