Intake / Reception


Intake and storage of rice

We reduce rice losses with our hygienic and sustainable storage solutions. All our equipment is developed to maximize productivity and preserve excellent rice quality – to help reduce the 30 percent of food that is wasted between field and fork.


Cleaning & Aspiration


Rice processing

Efficient cleaning and aspiration of rice is essential in any processing operation. Milling starts with the cleaning of paddy rice. This is a multi-step process in which foreign material such as straw, mud balls, threads, stones and metal particles are removed. This all helps maximize yields.


Harvest / Parboiling drying


Parboiling drying

The drying process makes it possible to store rice safely, maintain its quality and prevent food loss. Our industrial drying technology is designed to ensure a gentle and uniform drying process without damaging the product. Our system heats up the ambient air and guides it through a continuous flow.





To produce rice, you first need to hull the paddy rice and remove the husks. This is achieved by the gentle action of rubber rollers applied to the paddy, after which the husk aspirator separates the husk from the rice by means of air aspiration.


Whitening and polishing


Whitening and polishing

 To whiten rice, you first need to remove the bran from brown rice. You can then polish the rice by gently rubbing the rice kernels against each other. This removes the loose bran and leaves a smooth surface with silky luster – ready to look good on supermarket shelves.



Plansifters, length grading, tip separation and bran sifting

We offer a wide range of plansifters and length graders which grade the rice into head rice, broken rice fractions and tips. They also remove bran lumps from the product. We also offer solutions to remove tips from bran to achieve a pure bran and tips fraction.




Sorting rice

Optical sorting is essential in any processing operation, as it helps you meet food safety requirements and increase the purity of the product. Our sorting equipment uses a range of technologies including cameras, lighting and machine learning software.



Suitable for every type of rice, TotalSense is a compact, objective, quality analysis system, utilising the latest integrated network technology.

RiceLinePro aims at providing valuable intelligence to mill operators to optimise head rice yield and get consistent performance. The display unit provides option to mill operators to define tolerance bands. The sensor then continuously plots the whiteness of rice against time and displays the data on the screen. It also gives a signal or alarm to the operator when the whiteness is outside the set tolerance limit.