Focused on food safety

You need to be 100% sure of your ingredients. Our flour intake systems can include a coarse screen, a pressure pipe screen and an inline control sieve to remove coarse particles and foreign bodies. Our silo discharge systems use the first-in-first-out principle (FIFO) for the highest food safety.


Weighing and dosing


The precision you need

Precision is essential to recipe control. Our super-modern  weighing and dosing  systems provide precise weighing, individual dosing parameters and hygienic transport for each product. Compact design brings you high capacity with stringent sanitation standards, customized to meet your needs.


Liquid preparation


The right liquids mixture

You may need to process yeast, oils, liquid egg, fats or sugar syrup as part of your recipe. Our portfolio includes a wide choice of technology for liquids preparation – whatever your ingredients might be.


Mixing and kneading


Setting the dough characteristics

Mixing and kneading dough is an age-old art and a crucial process in achieving your required end product quality. We offer both mixing and kneading systems at industrial scale – in batch-wise or continuous operation – for the production of sourdoughs, breads, biscuits, pastries, wafers, and more.




Creating the perfect shape

Forming is essential for the final shape of your bakery products. We have a vast network of partners to supply the forming line that best fits your needs.



Volume, texture and taste

Before baking, the proofing phase encourages gas formation in the shaped dough, providing volume, texture and the distinctive taste you want. We have a vast network of partners to supply the proofing equipment that will suit your bakery products.




Creating a crispy crust

Full temperature and moisture control ensure an ideal baking environment for your product. The dough is uniformly browned and develops a delicious crust. To bake bread or puff pastry, we recommend using a cyclothermic oven. For pizza, a direct gas fired oven with stone band is a better choice.



Product stabilization

Gentle cooling after baking is essential to stabilize the quality of your baked product. During cooling, the internal product temperature is reduced to ambient level, removing moisture to deliver a longer shelf life.


Slicing and packaging


Ready for retail

Slicing and packing is the last process step before your baked products are ready for dispatch and delivery into retail outlets. We have a vast network of partners to supply the equipment that will best fit your precise needs.


Baked goods

Our wet grinding and dispersing control systems offer you four flexible solutions to meet your needs. From simple machine control to sophisticated smart factory integration, each will improve efficiency and give you better control.


Our SmartPro digital control system provides monitoring, control and trend data to allow high-quality wet grinding at maximum capacity, whilst protecting your equipment and processes.