New Carat 560 machines

Seojin System orders two new Carat 560 die-casting machines

Seojin System in South Korea is the first global customer to confirm an order for the new larger format Carat 560 two-platen die-casting machine.

First order for Carat 560s

Korean manufacturing giant, Seojin System, is the first customer to invest in the new larger format Carat 560 two-platen die-casting machine. Seojin has ordered two Carat 560 machines for its manufacturing facility in Vietnam, to create parts for 5G infrastructure and battery cases for electric vehicles.

The Carat 560 is a new larger model of the Carat machine that uses Bühler’s proven two-platen system to deliver higher locking forces from a compact footprint, enabling customers to die-cast larger parts with greater accuracy.

Carat 560 will be available soon, please contact us for more information.

Developing the Carat 560 has further proved our commitment to the two-platen system for large format die-castings. The fact that Seojin, a major global player across numerous sectors, shares our vision and can see the economic and sustainable benefits, is an exciting development.

Marc Fuchs, Director Global Sales Bühler Die Casting

An investment in the future

Seojin’s investment in two Carat 560 machines is firmly focused on the future. Both machines will help the company to meet the growing demand for cost-efficient, quality parts in emerging technologies. This includes casting parts for 5G communication infrastructure, the technology that is set to drive mobile telecoms capability over the next 10 years. And manufacturing battery cases for e-vehicles, another key emerging market with huge volume potential.

Seojin System is a global metal platform service provider, with metal processing and design capability in numerous industries including telecommunication, mobile phones, lighting, heavy industry, semi-conductors, cable harness and automotive. Formed in Seoul in 1996, and still headquartered in South Korea, the company has developed state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Vietnam with nine separate factories, and has associate companies in the US, China and around the world. The two new Carat 560 machines will be installed in their Vietnam facilities.

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