National Grain Reserve, Wuxi, China

Highly customizable

The Wuxi National Grain Reserve in Jiangsu Province is located along the beautiful coastline of Taihu Lake. Built in 1950, it is located between Wuxi New District and the urban area. To its east lies the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and to its west lies the Shanghai-Nanjing Railroad. Being five kilometers from both the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and the No. 312 National Highway, and only 10 kilometers from Sunan International Airport and Bühler, it enjoys a clear advantage in terms of transportation.

Bühler's LEEA Continuous Grain Drying

Bühler's high-quality continuous grain drying tower is especcialy excellent in drying high-moisture paddy and corn in China. To ensuring an optimal and stable storage status of grain. The Bühler continuous drying system includes the EcoDry Grain Dryer, the Eco Cool Tower and Eco Clean system. With a unique and patented design and layout of air ducts in the drying tower, the waste heat recovery system and efficient dust removal system can be installed outside of building, eliminating the need for a separate dust room, which is typical applied by batch type dryer. The desing ensures that grains (including paddy) are evenly heated and dried, thereby significantly reducing the crack ratio and reducing losses of grain and businesses profit. The equipment offers several benefits, including low emissions, low power consumption, low noise, customized modular design, reliability and durability, and multiple heat source options.


300 tons
Of paddy per day
The drying capacity of the Bühler dryer.
Several years of continuous drying.

Why Bühler?

With the constand advances of reforms in the grain ciruclation system and the opening up of the grain market, there has been a trend towards diversification in grain purchasing. In 2014, the Wuxi National Grain Reserve in Jiangsu Province compared grain drying equipment used internationally and domestically and finally selected Bühler to customize its LEEA Continuous Grain Drying Tower based on considerations of the technical capabilities, after-sales service and user reputation.



This was intended to increase the competitiveness of state-owned grain enterprises, ensure the saftey of national grains, protect the interests of farmers, and improve business efficiency. Bühler's Continuous Grain Drying Tower uses a special structural design and thermal energy recovery technology derived from Bühler's exclusive patented Eco Dry technology. The Eco Dry technology reuses unsaturated exhaust gases and unsaturated heated fresh air, thereby reducing energy consumption and ensuring that the drying tower can dry grains gently and evently, while minimizing damage to the grains throughout the drying process. Mr. Chen said, "Compared with other drying equipment, Bühler's LEEA Drying Tower generates lower noise, which brings higher environmental and social benefits for residents in the surrounding areas. Its environmental characteristics allow businesses to meet current and future environmental requirements."

Bühlers Continuous Grain Drying Tower generates low noise and is economical and environmentally friendly.

Chen Ruilong, Deputy Director - Wuxi National Grain Reserve in Jiangsu Province

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