TASA, Santander, Spain

Long-term success

When it comes to delivering a plant, time is crucial. TASA in Santander (Spain) decided to renwe its grain transshipment port in order to stay ahead of the competition.

TASA invested heavily in the new terminal. Before, many process steps needeed to be done manually. The challenge was to have the highest food saftey and to improve efficiency - in a project where time was critical.

Customer specific requirements

TASAs requirements for the new terminal were very high. With the citizens of Santander living so close to the port, the low dust emission technology of the Portalink ship unloader was key for the environmental protection. 

To speed up the transport process, TASA wanted to engineer the terminal as automated as possible. And above all, the terminal needed be improved to be an excellent example of food saftey and sustainability in practice.

Facts about the TASA project

unload 600 t/h wheat and 400 t/h soja.
50,000 t
Flat storage capacity,
used for feed.
40,000 t
Silo storage capacity,
used for wheat.

Every part of the plant is equipped with the latest technology

Within a record time of two years, Bühler engineered and delivered the whole process technology to the port of Santander. Now, the quality and traceability TASAs customers are asking for is guaranteed at all times. In this highly competitive business, the new termina makes it possible for TASA to be successful - now and in the future. 

Bühler's high efficiency solutions, linket to emission control, easy use and fully automated process were the reasons why this project been successful. 


It’s very important to have a good concept and layout. But more important and probably more complex is to construct a terminal that really fulfills the specifications and the original layout. And here I think Bühler has done an excellent job. Without any doubt.

Andrés Gómes Bueno, General Director - TASA Santander

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