Swissmill, Zürich

New generation automation

Swissmill processes over 200,000 tons of grain annually from its multiple mill complex in Zurich. The system also offers online guidance and support to ensure high efficiency and product quality.

Bühler’s automation upgrade allowed optimal utilization of the production systems while improving product safety and process uptime. The system also offers online guidance and support to ensure high efficiency and product quality at all times.

Total automation for a complex plant

Swissmill consists of two flour mills, a speciality mill, a durum mill, a corn (maize) mill and an extruder line, plus batching, blending mixing and bagging facilities. Our new generation automation consists of an optical fiber network running our WinCos system, with inputs from Simantic PLCs and 160 control and motor cabinets. This gives operators full visibility, monitoring and control via 15 operator terminals, with online alerts, diagnostics and maintenance options and historic data capture.
The automatic job queuing system optimizes efficiency. Bulk out-loading systems can be operated by truck drivers. Visible process data and online alarms enable safe and reliable 24/7 production. Products are monitored from formula through to storage to ensure consistency and quality, with deviations triggering alarms. Energy efficiency is achieved by directly linking ventilation, drives and motor demand to production. 300 storage bins are monitored and controlled by the system.

At a glance

Traceability along the process
Our next generation WinCos system is designed to provide consistency from intake to out-loading
Production planned
Swissmill now has 24 hour production planning, with plant-wide data and alarms for optimal process control and efficiency
Never miss a sample
With fully automated samples you will never forget to tage a sample. This is essential for a gapless quality control.
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