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Discover luscious pralines, dainty chocolates and scrumptious bars at our virtual event. Embark on a journey from the final product through the intricacies of the production process to the ideal line for your own production and related customer services.  You will also learn more about how we help you reduce energy usage and increase efficiency.

Saving precious resources in your production

30 %
OEE improvement
using a Nova ball mill
35 mins
achieved with a ChoCoat enrober
20 %
higher overall equipment effectiveness
employing the DoMiReCo 4.0 process

Our solutions

Revolutionize your chocolate factory with the self-optimizing DoMiReCo 4.0 process which rolls dosing, mixing, refining and conching in one accessible digital environment. Instead of relying on manual adjustments, this chocolate process optimizes itself using smart sensor systems to achieve constant high quality and the highest throughput. 

The Finer S five-roll refiner can process a vast range of chocolate masses to your desired fineness with energy savings of up to 15%. Another refining option is the updated Nova S ball mill which finely grinds cocoa, chocolate mass, compounds, spreads and more in one single pass, leading to a consistent OEE improvement of up to 30%. 

Our customers can rely on Bühler's over 100 years of experience in chocolate.

Marcos Bobzin, Head of Training & Application Center Chocolate, Cocoa and Nuts

Without conches, chocolate would not exist in its modern form. With our Elkolino single-shaft conche for lab use, you will be able to conduct tests for product and process development. To achieve the ideal consistency for your chocolate, use the MultiTherm to define the crystallization properties of the cocoa butter or cocoa mass. The device measures the Bühler Crystallization Index (BCI) as well as the Temper Index (TI) and saves the data in its integrated database. Quality assurance has never been easier!


It is crucial that chocolate moulding lines enable fast changeovers between types of products. The PowerShot depositor makes quick mass changeovers possible and can easily be integrated into existing lines. It offers spot, ribbon and one-shot depositing for the production of drops, bars, tablets and blocks and maintains high throughput at maximum availability. 

Start-ups will be especially interested in the SnackFix, a modular small-scale bar production system. One machine – endless possibilities: different recipes can be run with different heads, letting customers react quickly to trends. Product changeovers can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Want to produce larger capacities while still staying flexible? The Form press drive lets you run a variety of recipes, allowing you to quickly react to changing market trends.

When adding that last luxurious touch of chocolate to your treats, why not go for a little variation and produce versions with both dark and white chocolate? With the ChoCoat's Quick Change Over feature you can cleanly switch between colors, chocolates and masses in only 35 minutes.

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