Why Die Casting is taking over body in white production at OEMs

New large die-casting machines now make it possible for a whole body in white section to be created as a single piece, allowing automotive OEMs to simplify production, reduce costs and create a more sustainable vehicle.

Why Die Casting?

Automotive OEMs currently spend billions of dollars shipping-in structural parts and assembling numerous stamped sheet metal and aluminum components to create a rear underbody or battery casing for electric vehicles (EVs). Now, new large die-casting machines can cast the whole concept as one piece, offering a compelling alternative.


  • Potential cost-savings are significant
  • Production is faster and simpler – with up to 300 less robots for each line
  • Die Casting can take up 30% less valuable space
  • Quality is more reliable and the accuracy higher
  • Using recycled or primary aluminum extracted using renewable energies, casting can be CO2 neutral, improving the green credentials of the finished vehicle

Why is Bühler the ideal partner?

As the leader for large die-casting solutions with 50% of the installed market, Bühler makes the ideal global partner, delivering a complete cell and supporting OEMs throughout its lifetime.


  1. Design and engineering of complete cells. Bühler can help OEMs specify and implement a complete turn-key custom solution. This includes optimizing processes, workflow, digital integration and peripheral equipment, from the melting furnace through the entire process chain, up to the finished part, ready for assembling. Space planning, commissioning, training, maintenance, servicing and support are all available – with professional project management to deliver against realistic timescales and budgets.
  2. Local presence. With manufacturing hubs and application facilities in Europe, Asia and US, more than 100 local service stations, training and consulting, Bühler is ideally placed to support its customers around the world.
  3. Bühler’s unique Carat two-platen technology. With up to 84,000kN locking force delivered with a stiff platen design, Carat solutions provide higher dimensional accuracy than traditional toggle systems. Its unique SC real-time injection unit also delivers more consistent cast quality, with higher availability and a lower cost-per-part.

About the Carat series:

The Carat two-platen solution with minimum deflection and a high degree of dimensional accuracy has long-proven its value for the production of large and complex structural components. The unique Bühler shot control system, for real-time closed-loop control, allows for consistent high quality part production.

All the machines in the expanded Carat portfolio are delivered with the DataView control unit – which makes the control of the die-casting machine easier and more intuitive via its multitouch screen. Additionally, every machine is equipped our new energy frame concept with a clear and distinctive arrangement of energy couplings. The Carat series also offers the option of servo drive technology.

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