Raw nuts



Safe, hygienic intake

Whether you are discharging from big bags, balk or jute bags, safe hygienic intake that minimizes wastage is key. We can custom-build solutions to meet your specific needs, including aspiration, sieving and easy-feed systems.




Removing impurities

Contemporary harvesting techniques can leave you with a high degree of foreign materials. Even pre-cleaned nuts can have undesirable impurities. Our solutions remove foreign materials such as sand, stones, sticks, leaves, metal objects, etc. Our optical sorting technology refines the process further.

Roasting and pasteurization


Nut character and food safety

Roasting and pasteurization can improve taste, aroma, color and texture, as well as help reduce germ count and improve food safety and shelf life. Our industrial and craft roasting and pasteurizing solutions give you total control over continuous or batch processing for every kind of nut.




Getting to the inner core

There is still a so-called soft or red skin on the outside of the nutmeat. Blanching is a process step where this skin is being removed so the nuts can be further processed.



Sorting and grading

You need to remove shells and other foreign materials with minimum wastage. You may also need to grade for different end products. Our advanced sorting technology can sort for size, weight, color and foreign matter, bringing you a high yield with the highest standards of food safety.




Chopping and dicing

You need the right size and shape for a consistent bar with a satisfying mouthfeel. Our chopping and dicing solutions offer precise adjustment to suit different nuts. Robust knives and stainless steel rollers ensure a long life with minimal wastage and the highest food and operator safety.



The perfect mix

Continuous mixing with other ingredients is a crucial part of your nut bar production. Our proven mixing and handling technology offers hygienic design, easy automated operation, high reliability and fast changeover between recipes.



Shaping up

A perfect mass slab is the recipe for succesful bar manufacturing. Our flexible forming solutions, from small batch to high volume industrial production, will give you homogenous density and elasticity over the complete working width, regardless of your mix of large-grained ingredients.



Cooling your slab

Fast controlled cooling  is imperative for high quality and a high yield. The cooling temperature can be adjusted to suit different product characteristics. Moisture is kept away from your production areas and ensures a perfect cooling result.



Ready for packaging

Anyone who works with cereal bars knows that the final cutting can be challenging. We strand slitters fanning belts, guillotine cutter to meet your precise application, on virtually any scale.

Nut bars

  • Complete plant control at every operating panel
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Full traceability
  • Clear process visualization
  • Integration of recipe parameters
  • Simple connection to ERP systems
  • 24/7 access to KPIs