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Вакуумная установка для прецизионной оптики

Nessy series

The Nessy series provides coatings for extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) mirrors under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) conditions, ideal for R&D and mass production EUV lithography, X-ray measuring devices, synchrotron radiation optics and other scientific applications.

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Ключевые преимущества

Cutting-edge technology

Multilayer interference mirrors made on Nessy equipment are next-generation solutions shaping EUV lithography (multilayer mirrors with maximum reflectance at 13.5 nm), X-ray measuring devices, synchrotron radiation optics and other science applications.

Suited for numerous materials

The Nessy coating machine can have up to six different rectangular sputter cathodes and use molybdenum, silicon and other materials you need to achieve a complete coating stack in one cycle.

Outstanding defect-free film quality

For period layer thicknesses of 7 nm, NESSY coating machines can help you to achieve unmatched subatomic uniformity values necessary in EUV optics for next-generation photolithography.

Highlight features

UHV base pressure < 9*10-9 mbar

Ultrahigh vacuum pressure provides superior film quality

A highly sophisticated machine design and precision manufacturing produce the ultrahigh vacuum pressure you need to deliver perfect stoichiometric film quality.

Statistical layer precision in subatomic range

Unmatched thickness, precision, and uniformity

While the sputter source and deposition process provide excellent stability, the mechanical design of the Nessy series is based on minimized tolerances. This enables Nessy to bridge the gap to subatomic uniformity values necessary in, for example, EUV and other challenging optics applications.

Adjustable sputter distance

Designed for your most demanding product requirements

The substrate holder has a double planetary rotation system designed to manage the substrate movement you need for highly precise uniformity. The high-speed direct substrate rotation works in combination with a low-velocity rotation around the chamber with programmable speed profiles. This allows Nessy to coat a wide range of substrate geometries to match your precise application.

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