Raw material intake


Getting off to the best start

You need quality intake and storage at the start of your process. With 150 years of experience in grain intake and storage, we can build customized solutions to suit your pet food production. This can include digital apps to monitor grain silos online and on your phone, backed by our 24/7 support.




Safe handling and transport

Our conveyor lines cover all applications throughout your value chain, from raw material intake to conveying finished products. We customize a system to meet your space and process needs, using any combination of elevators, trough chain, belt and screw conveyors.


Weighing and dosing


Precision at every stage

Our weighing and dosing offers you the precision and accuracy you need. It can also help with internal processes and control by ensuring accurate weight registrations – from loading and unloading of bulk products, bagging and weight control to mixing systems for micro-components.




Finding the right mix

Mixing plays a key role in the processing of your feed. Our batch mixers with different holding capacities and smart paddle design offer you a quick and precise mixing cycle. Optional liquids-addition equipment can deliver the right liquidity too.





Preconditioning before extrusion allows replacing some of the mechanical energy with thermal energy and generates additional retention time. This enables you to improve product quality and achieve a higher degree of cooking at lower energy costs.


Extruding, cooking, forming


Extruding, cooking, forming

Material is fed into the rotating screw, which moves it from inlet to discharge and heats the dough due to the friction developed between the material and the screw surface. As it reaches the die, the pressure increases to the level required to propel the extrudate through the die orifice.




Extremely gentle drying

Bühler is the global leader in thermal processing technology. Our dryers offer an exclusive hygienic design that makes cleaning faster and easier, improving productivity and helping prevent costly recalls.





The PolyFlake flaking mill allows producing flakes from extruded or boiled corn, wheat, oats and multigrain, among others, and fulfills the highest demands when it comes to product quality, capacity, hygiene and easy of maintenance.





AeroToast air impingement fluidization equipment uses a high temperature for a broad range of drying, toasting, roasting, puffing and cooling applications. It is employed in RTE cereal toasting, snack foods, breadcrumbs and tobacco.





Enrobed products are extremely sensitive to changing temperatures. They melt when it’s too warm and cool too quickly under drafty conditions. Our universal cooling tunnels gently cool the chocolate coatings to attain the ideal crystallization. More about cooling.


Multigrain flakes

Our automation solutions enable you to align your machine processes for higher availability and faster cycle times. This also ensures central monitoring and control, with a real-time overview of production performance.