Gluten-free flour

Raw material handling



Precision in dosing guarantees a consistent ratio between flour, water and steam in the dough, and it is the first step to a steady production process. This allows us to avoid fluctuations in the extrusion and drying steps. Additionally, it ensures the right degree of gelatinization for gluten-free pasta.

Dough preperation and shaping


Excellent gluten-free pasta

Gluten-free flours from corn, rice, quinoa, pulses and more can be processed into pasta. As they do not contain gluten, their texture is based on starch gelatinization, which can occur thanks to the direct injection of steam and hot water. The Polymatik ensures top quality in gluten-free pasta.




Key to quality and efficiency

Drying is key for the pasta structure and texture, also when it comes to gluten-free pasta. Structure stabilization must occur while delivering pasta without any fault.




Attention to food safety

To prepare for storage and packaging operations, hot pasta coming from the dryer cools to room temperature in less than 10 minutes. This operation must be managed well to safeguard the pasta structure and exclude risks of condensation, which can lead to molding inside the machine.



Stacking and cutting


Reliable in all the details

The stacker and cutting machine for long-goods pasta ensure a steady upstream process and are designed to maximize the reliability and speed of operations. Additionally, cutting pasta is important to have the right spaghetti length and minimize waste.

Gluten-free long pasta

WinCos is the manufacturing execution system for pasta production. With a self-explanatory graphical interface, it allows:

  • Production planning 
  • Product traceability 
  • Performance improvements with OEE 
  • Proactive maintenance suppor