Cocoa beans



Removing impurities

You need to ensure you have clean nibs free from impurities to create the best cocoa liquor. We offer a broad range of technologies to separate undesirable elements from your raw materials and to thoroughly clean your nibs, ready for roasting.


Infrared treatment


Infrared treatment

It is important that you can ensure the separation of the shells from the nibs keeping fines in the winnowing process to a minimum. Because of the short and controlled residual times, no moisture is removed and the aroma remains untouched.


Crushing and winnowing


Maximizing yields

Crushing and winnowing can significantly affect your yield. Our sophisticated two-stage crushing process, with a choice of screening levels and built-in aspiration, can be adjusted to meet the precise needs of your different bean origins.




Color definition

Color is an important characteristic for your cocoa powder. Our alkalizing technology provides simple adjustment of the pH value and determination of the pressure-temperature-time process profile to enable you to vary color intensity to suit any market preference.




Defining flavors

Roasting plays a key role in defining your flavor profile. We offer a range of batch roasters, which control the roasting process precisely. With our media rack, it is possible to intensify the flavor development. Low in maintenance and a special drum execution results in higher energy efficiency.


Liquor Grinding


Just the right consistency

Grinding is an important step in creating the perfect cocoa powder. Our flexible grinding technology produces consistent high-quality liquor. Downtimes are low, thanks to the durability and short maintenance and cleaning times.




Extracting cocoa butter

To extract cocoa butter as part of your process, you need a quality cocoa press that gives you maximum yields. Our flexible pressing technology is designed to work at high throughput rates with minimum waste and is easy to clean between batches or recipes.


Powder milling, cooling, stabilizing


Avoiding lumps

It is essential that you carefully mill, cool and stabilize your powder to avoid lumps and achieve stable crystals for brilliant colors. The machinery is easy to clean and minimizes your contamination risk between recipes.


Cocoa powder

  • Complete plant control at every operating panel
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Full traceability
  • Clear process visualization
  • Integration of recipe parameters
  • Simple connection to ERP systems
  • 24/7 access to KPIs