Chocolate Mass

Mass preparation


Off to the right start

For the manufacturing of chocolate bars the mass preparation is a key process step. Powering the world of sweets for many years, the Hotmix and Preswhip is therefore the right choice. Due to the batch design, the system is easy to operate and predestined for a frequent change of delicious ingredients.



Precise recipe control

Our Continuos dosing and mixing solution provides a perfect mix of dry ingredients like nuts with aerated nougat mass or caramel. The easy-to clean design ensures fast changover between products.




Creating an even slab

Chocolate bars usually rely on slab forming technology to create a large homogenous mass, ready for cutting. We offer a range of slab forming options for pressure-sensitive or aerated products and a three-roller system for forming consistent slab densities.




Cooling your slab

Fast controlled cooling  is imperative for high quality and a high yield. The cooling temperature can be adjusted to suit different product characteristics. Moisture is kept away from your production areas and ensures a perfect cooling result.



Creating the bar shape

Anyone who works with cereal bars knows that the final cutting can be challenging. We strand slitters fanning belts, guillotine cutter to meet your precise application, on virtually any scale.

Enrobing and decorating


Adding the final touch

Enrobe your cereal bars with chocolate or other coatings to give them a luxurious finishing touch. Our advanced enrobing and decorating technologies are designed for consistent finishing. Innovative machine design ensures fast changeover between products.




Finalizing the product

Enrobed products are extremely sensitive to changing temperatures. They melt when it is too warm and cool too quickly under drafty conditions. With our tempering machines, coatings achieve the ideal crystallization. The final step is the cooling process with our universal chocolate cooling tunnel.


Chocolate Bar