Intake and pre-cleaning


The foundation of good milling

Pre-cleaning is key for an efficient and safe milling process. Grain contains impurities and foreign materials. If you remove these before storage, you can extend the service life of your machinery and provide hygienic storage conditions for your grain.  


Cleaning and conditioning


Preparation is half the job

The first cleaning section removes contaminants such as seeds, stones, or metals. The grain is then conditioned and stored in tempering bins to reach the right moisture content. The second cleaning section removes kernel surface impurities and harmful substances, such as mycotoxins.




Get the most from your grain

Our CombiMill produces whole wheat flour for flatbreads, dark flour and standard bakery flour. Roller mills produce coarse semolina. Our PesaMill high-compression mill then reduces these coarse particles to the moisture content and granulation you need.


Blending and bagging


The end process

Store the milled flour in silos and then bag it or load it in bulk. We offer a wide range of manual and fully automated loading and bagging systems.


Whole wheat flour

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