Preparing the sugar mass

Premix sugar, water, glucose and dextrose before further processing. This ensures the thorough dispersion of ingredients and produces sugar mass of a consistently high quality.




Bringing the mass to a boil

The sugar mass is boiled in a batch cooker to the exactly right temperature to achieve a uniform mass.  More about cooking.


Mixing and cooling


Blending in the whipping agent

The sugar mass is cooled down and blended with a whipping agent to create an especially light, fluffy marshmallow texture. More about mixing.


Buffering and tempering


Keeping the process going

Use buffering and tempering tanks to help ensure that the quality of your sugar mass stays high until it can be processed further.




Creating the marshmallow fluff

Aeration enriches the sugar mass with gas to create the distinctive density and fluffy marshmallow texture. More about aerating.


Color/ flavor injecting


Adding a splash of color

The sugar mass can be divided into four streams. Inject different vibrant colors and/or delicious flavors into each of the streams to create marshmallows in a rainbow of colors and with a variety of patterns. Static mixers ensure the thorough mixing of mass, colors and flavors.




Shaping the marshmallows

Marshmallows can be formed by depositing or extruding them onto a starch band. Deposit the mass to create fantastical shapes such as a variety of animals. Extrude the mass to create a more classic marshmallow shape or twist the mass during extrusion for twisted marshmallows.


Starch handling and cutting


Finalizing the product

Cover the finished marshmallows with starch to prevent them from sticking to each other and to the machinery. They can then be cut into their final shape.