Fat Melting


Fat Melting

The solid fat blocks are dissolved in batches in the buffer tank and used to make slurry for subsequent processing. Optimized heat treatment is used for specific types of fat to avoid lumping or flocculation.



Premixing fat cream

The agitator ensures that the fats are completely mix with sugar, milk powder, lecithin and any flavoring additives. Its rotating and stationary blades thoroughly emulsify the fats and other ingredients.

Buffering & Tempering


Buffering and tempering

Buffer tanks are used to ensure that the fat cream maintains a high quality before subsequent processing.



Crystallizing the cream

The material will be continuously scraped until the right viscosity is reached. In this step, the cream rises from the bottom to the top of the crystallizer to avoid any gas mixing.



Aerating fat cream

Aeration enriches the fat cream with gas to create a lighter and softer texture and mouthfeel.

Depositing / Sheeting


Depositing/Sheeting fat cream

There are different processing methods for different end products. The spot depositor can even be installed on a motion system to make it move automatically in the horizontal and vertical directions to obtain a variety of shapes.

Fat creams