Chocolate mass

Mould pre-heating


Empty mould detection and mould pre-heating

To achieve an optimal smooth gloss without marks from air inclusions, it is essential that your moulds are pre-heated. Our pre-heating tunnels provide a temperature range you can adjust to suit your product needs, and evenly applies it for homogenous heating of every mould.


Depositing and vibration


Precise quantities

For filled shapes and figures, it is essential you start with precise quantities, without too much air in your chocolate mass. Our depositing technology provides consistent depositing by weight. By shaking the moulds we ensure that unwanted air is being removed. 


Shell forming


Precise shaping

For intricate figures, cold stamping is an innovative alternative to wet shell formation that ensures accurate weight, regular geometry and uniform wall thickness. Our patented cold stamping technology works in line with your moulds to punch out perfect shapes from a wide variety of chocolate mass.




Careful cooling

It is important to evenly cool your shell so that it retains uniform strength to hold your fillings. Our cooling tower concepts can be customized to your production, providing fast, efficient and reliable cooling in an easy-to-clean production environment.


Depositing and vibration


Adding your fillings

Precision is critical when filling your shells. Whether you have semi-liquid or liquid fillings, we have a range of depositing technology that ensures accurate filling with no tail or spillage, ensuring you get a good clean deposit in each shell.




Cooling without breaking

You need to cool your fillings very carefully and evenly to ensure they retain their strength and integrity. Our controlled cooling processes give you the precise cooling profile you need for each recipe – stored in the control system for consistent results.


Shell rim heating


Preparing for depositing

Prior to bottom depositing, you need to heat your shell rims (mould surfaces). Our infrared heating unit ensures precise heating of the rim without adversely affecting the rest of your shell or the filling.


Depositing and vibration


Sealing your shape

It is important that bottom depositing to close your shell is accurate to give a smooth finish and a robust seal. With filled hollows we tend to use rotating roller technology rather than piston technology, which provides a precise finish.


Bottom scraping


Even finishing

After the final deposit, you need to evenly distribute a thin layer of backing chocolate. We use a two-stage process, leading with a plough scraper and following with a flat scraper that works in the opposite direction for a smooth finish.





Careful cooling

You need to ensure your finished product cools evenly to maintain its integrity and avoid leakages. We use multitier cooling towers operating at approximately 15 °C to safely bring temperatures down ready for handling or packaging.




Careful handling

You need to remove your chocolate articles from their moulds very carefully. Our demoulding technology uses a twist and tap motion, with pressurized air to ensure smooth removal across your moulds.


Center-filled products

  • Clear process visualization 
  • Intuitive graphical user interface 
  • Full traceability 
  • Complete plant control at every operating panel 
  • Simple connection to ERP systems 
  • Integration of recipe parameters 
  • 24/7 access to KPIs