Green beans



Customized green coffee intake

We offer customized intake solutions for various formats, from jute bags, burlap sacks, bigbags, supersacs, containers to tankers. Our wind sifter seperates strings and fibers. Our automated sampling systems assure traceability and quality.



Removing defects and foreign materials

Top coffee products require removal of coffee bean defects and foreign materials. Dust aspiration systems assure a clean and safe operation. Based on the largest portfolio of proprietary cleaning equipment Bühler provides complete and integrated cleaning solutions designed to your needs.



Optical-electronic sorting

Bean defects can ruin the flavor of your coffee. Our optical-electronic sorting solutions remove all coffee bean defects, even those that cannot be removed in mechanical cleaning steps. With a Sortex machine you achieve highest degrees of purity.




Automated sampling systems

Traceability and food safety are essential for quality assurance. Buhler coffee handling comprise integrated weighing, moisture measurement and automated sampling solutions including data management.



Green coffee conveying systems

Bühler offers the widest portfolio of proprietary mechanical or pneumatic conveying solutions. Let our engineers design the optimal conveying system for your processing application.



Stored safely

Green bean storage silos provide the necessary operational buffer between the coffee supply chain and roasting operations. Our silo solutions provide an ideal, clean and safe storage environment to protect your coffee. They keep the individual coffee origins ready and available for blending.



Rapid and consistent blending

Accurate, rapid and consistent dosing of blend components is required in blending operations. Our dosing valves and blending scales assure high performance and consistency in blending.



Create your roast flavor signature

Roasting is the heart of coffee processing, bringing flavor sensations to life. Bühler coffee roasting technology empowers you in creating traditional and non-conventional roasting profiles for perfect flavor generation. 




Gentle roasted bean conveying

Roasted coffee beans require gentle conveying to avoid bean-breakage. Our tubular push conveyor TUBO sets new standards in terms of flexibility and gentle mechanical conveying. Pneumatic pulsed dense-phase conveying is another option.




Roasted bean tempering silos

Freshly roasted beans require a short tempering time before passing on into subsequent unit operations. Our roasted bean silos are designed according to your operational requirements.

Roasted coffee

  • Complete plant control at every operating panel
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Full traceability
  • Clear process visualization
  • Integration of recipe parameters
  • Simple connection to ERP systems
  • 24/7 access to KPIs