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Impact dehuller

The highly versatile impact dehuller DOSB is designed to efficiently dehull sunflower seed, soybean, and cottonseed in the production of your edible oils. The adjustable impact cone makes it particularly suited to plants processing multiple seeds.

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Key benefits

Safe and continuous operation

Safe and continuous operation is ensured due to a built-in permanent magnet in the inlet. Material level probes in the inlet and outlet interrupt the product feed in case of product backup, and will stop the machine if necessary.

Gentle dehulling for high-protein meal

The gentle dehulling process causes the hulls to be ruptured and detached from the kernels without getting smashed, bringing you the low-fiber, high-protein extraction and pressing results you need.

Highly flexible production capabilities

Thanks to its wide scope of applications and an easily adjustable impact cone, the impact dehuller DOSB is perfectly suited for almost every operating condition. This versatility makes it ideal for oil mills processing multiple types of seeds.

Highlight features

Outstanding uptime

Easy maintenance

The dehuller DOSB is lined with wear-resistant steel to minimize wear and tear on the machine within the process. The design offers you easy access to the components that wear with the process, so that you can easily remove and replace them with minimal downtime.


High throughputs

The vertical dehuller DOSB achieves high throughputs of up to 180 tons per day for sunflower seed, delivered from a compact footprint within your plant.


Smooth dehulling for low fines content

The impact cone is designed to cause the hulls to be ruptured and detached from the kernels with minimal fines, giving you improved extraction and pressing results.

The adjustable feeder is fitted with a permanent magnet for removing any foreign ferrous particles, ensuring that your machine runs smoothly and safeguarding your product against metallic contamination.

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