Buhler Sortex to launch new InGaAs technology sorter 'SORTEX E' at Anuga

23.01.2009 The most trusted, most successful and most profitable frozen food processors are those who can deliver the highest quality with a commitment to totally safe food. On stand B001 in Anuga's Hall 10.1, Buhler Sortex will unveil the SORTEX E with enhanced InGaAs technology in the drive to maximise quality and safety on the packing line.

InGaAs was originally a military application deployed in satellite surveillance of jungle environments to identify hostile force concentrations. It works because frozen fruit and vegetables absorb energy at certain wavelengths while foreign material reflects it, appearing brighter when seen by InGaAs cameras and so easier to identify and remove.

This is particularly important in packing lines where stray packaging materials can enter the chain and, because of their colour, prove difficult to detect. “In addition to identifying foreign material that may have been missed in the primary process, InGaAs is supremely efficient in identifying material such as light coloured wood in potatoes, cardboard in carrots, cigarette ends in mushrooms and coloured plastic in vegetable mixes,” said Buhler Sortex Managing Director Bruno Kilshaw. “It is a vital aid that protects processors from what remains an all too common cause of customer complaints and the harm these do to commercial relationships.

“The SORTEX E has been designed after extensive industry research,” continued Kilshaw. “We determined to ensure that the frozen food sector's future demands would be fully satisfied. We have an outstanding record of innovation in optical sorting since 1947. As visitors will see, we have no intention of slowing down.”