Cost-effective, flexible full-volume bead mill

31.07.2009 Buhler presented its new horizontal Centex® bead mill at the European Coatings Show. Paints and coatings, minerals, suspensions for ceramic applications and other products for the chemical industry can be produced cost-effectively and to a high quality. The full-volume Perl Mill® is characterised by its very high productivity, robustness, user-friendliness and energy-optimised processes. As with Buhler’s other process engineering solutions, it includes a laboratory mill as well as a wide range of production size mills.

Higher productivity from a smaller process chamber
The Perl Mill® features process- and energy-optimised wet grinding technology using a combination of many newly developed function elements that are ideally tuned for use with each other. The result is a higher net production rate from a smaller process chamber, and a higher product quality with lower specific grinding costs. The machines can be used in single-pass, multi-pass and recirculation milling, so the ideal process can be selected for each dispersion requiring processing.

For applications that involve the processing of particularly abrasive materials, special heat-treated alloys are available. One interesting feature here is that all the surfaces of the process chamber that come into contact with the product can be exchanged separately. For applications where contamination by metals must be avoided, special materials are available for metal-free processing.