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15.11.2006 The Sayga Flour Mills company has existed in the Sudan for ten years now. And since exactly these ten years, a close customer relationship has existed between Sayga and Buhler. The rapid development of the Sudanese Sayga Flour Mills company is closely related to Buhler – first as a partner in the field of flour milling, then as a supplier of its port terminal, and now as a partner in establishing its pasta production activities: Sayga and Buhler are an ideal team.

2420 metric tons a day
The Sayga Flour Mills company is one of the leading flour milling companies in the Sudan. Since being set up in 1996, the company has been known for its high-quality products and its continuous technical innovations. Sayga is a leader in the production, processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution of a wide variety of food products.

Sayga produces its flour on state-of-the-art Buhler installations, which achieve a total capacity of 2420 metric tons a a day (t/24 h). Today, the company operates five fully automatic systems for producing flour, semolina, and bran. These products are packed into containers of various sizes to meet the different needs of retailers, industry, and food processors. A sixth and seventh line are in the engineering stage.

Own port terminal
Sayga Flour Mills has its own port terminal in Port Sudan, which holds 75,000 metric tons. The three mobile ship unloaders from Buhler ensure efficient unloading with their hourly capacity of 1200 tons. From the rail terminal with a capacity of 120 tons per hour, the bulk materials are transported directly from the Sayga port to the Sayga flour mill in the north of Khartoum. To handle this volume, Sayga Flour Mills has 130 of its own railcars and six locomotives. For fine distribution of its products, the company additionally operates a fleet of 100 hopper cars and 155 trucks.

All production activities of Sayga Flour Mills are subject to a rigorous quality system. Sayga Mills has owned approval certificate of the Lloyd’s Register of Quality Assurance since 2001 (ISO 9001). The Sayga company was one of the first food operations in the Sudan to receive this distinction.

Pasta production added
The latest field of activity of Sayga Flour Mills is pasta production. Its new pasta factory enables Sayga to process its own flours and to make a new food product that to date has hardly been known in the Sudan. The construction of the new Sayga Flour Mills pasta factory is a prime example of swift project processing. No more than six months passed from plant ordering to plant delivery. Installation and start-up of the new line took the Buhler specialists a mere six weeks.

The new Sayga pasta factory was incorporated in a new building constructed by the customer in Khartoum on the basis of Buhler drawings. The first line was a short-goods line with an hourly capacity of 2000 kilograms. It includes bulk storage bins plus a short-goods stacker for the intermediate storage of pasta with a length exceeding four centimeters. The line is running to the entire satisfaction of the Sayga management, who are already contemplating an order for a second, larger line for which sufficient space was created in the new factory building – just in case.

DAL Group
The Sayga Flour Mills company is part of the Sudanese DAL Group, which was founded in 1951 under the name Sayer & Colley. With Daoud Abdel Latif at the helm, the Group experienced rapid and sustained growth. Since the decease of Daoud Abdel Latif, his initials stand in the name of the DAL Group. Today, the DAL Group is one of the largest and most widely diversified private groups in the Sudan. DAL is made up of a large number of companies active in the fields of consumer goods plus industrial and real estate markets. The DAL Group is planning to enhance its global competence and already operates its own branch offices in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

Bakery school
The companies of the DAL Group are distinguished by their high social responsibility. The DAL Board of Directors believe that individuals are crucial to success in business. Therefore, promotion of its staff is a high priority. In addition, the DAL Group also invests in training in the baking trade. Thus, since 2000, Sayga Flour Mills has operated a bakery school at its own expense at Khartoum headquarters. This offsets the deficiencies existing in the training of bakers by state institutes and ensures that the high quality of the Sayga flours will be found again in loaves of equally high quality.

To date, some 4000 participants have taken part in these basic bread bakery courses, and about 2000 have attended the night courses at the Sayga bakery school. The latest initiative of Sayga is a mobile bakery school for everyone in terested in baking but living too far away from Khartoum to attend such training courses there.

The Sudan
The Republic of the Sudan is located in northeastern Africa. It covers a surface area of 2.505.810 square kilometers and is thus seven times larger than Germany and Africa’s largest country by surface area. The name “Sudan” comes from the Arabic and means “black.” The Sudan has a population of about 41 million, of which two million live in the capital, Khartoum. The Sudan gained its independence from Great Britain in 1956. The economy is essentially based on agriculture. The south of the country has rich deposits of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and uranium.

Source: Wikipedia

The inner workings of Sayga Flour Mills. The inner workings of Sayga Flour Mills.