Buhler Sortex forms a partnership with Diepvries Doetinchem

03.09.2007 Buhler Sortex Ltd., leading optical sorting specialists from Docklands, London, United Kingdom has worked with Diepvries Doetinchem to complete the installation of SORTEX K colour sorting system in their Doetinchem, Holland plant. Diepvries is a group of three business undertakings with 150,000 square metres of deep frozen storage capacity situated in Doetinchem, Zevenaar and Bergh in Eastern Holland. They offer a service, which includes a plant for processing and handling deep frozen fruits and vegetables. They are able to give extensive quality reports and offer processing facilities to upgrade their customer’s products.

Hugo Westerveld, director of the company says: “We are a service industry in the true sense of the word, specializing in soft fruits. We own no products but are here to offer customers checking, processing and frozen storage. We are best able to anticipate swiftly changing market conditions to maximize their returns”.

Mr. Westerveld explains: “We needed to update our optical sorting facilities. We spent several months testing alternative solutions. Our assessments were made by comparing prices and more importantly, technical performance. In our business, we need to upgrade varying qualities to the highest specification with maximum product recovery. Based on this criterion, we selected Buhler Sortex. Their new K machine performed excellently on every product we tried in their London applications department. Our only worry was would the SORTEX K perform as well under production conditions? The machine was installed in June and we were not disappointed. We have sorted blueberries, strawberries, wild strawberries, red and blackcurrants amongst other commodities. The results have exceeded our expectations”.

Buhler Sortex took total responsibility for the installation, including mechanical precleaning and specification of the product in-feed vibrator. The SORTEX K sorts by simultaneous use of shape, high definition and InGaAs cameras. This has proved to be the most effective method of achieving accept quality in a single pass with unsurpassed foreign material removal. The machine interface is a new design based on ease of use and simple set up.

Benny Bosman, Diepvries’s maintenance manager commented: “The installation, commissioning and training went very smoothly. Local support from Buhler Sortex’s, Jan Wetser of Wetser Techno, Rosmalen, Holland was invaluable.

Buhler Sortex introduced the SORTEX K into Europe in the Autumn of 2006. They were rewarded by an opening order for 15 units from the Virto Group of companies, Spain’s largest vegetable freezer. Virto had carried out the Beta testing trials on the first prototype SORTEX K and the order was the result of their experience with this machine. Already, sales of the SORTEX K have been made into France, Poland, Belgium, China and the USA and full scale production is under way.