Technology Centers & Test Facilities

Bühler Grain Technology Center.

The Bühler Grain Technology Center is one of  the best-equipped and most renowned development and test center in the field of industrial processing of grain and pulses. Its extensive, state-of-the-art range of equipment allows commercial- scale simulations of processes such as storage, unloading, conveying, weighing, feeding, separation, grinding, grading, blending & mixing, pelleting, flaking, bagging, hydrothermal treatment, and a large number of others. They are available together with the entire extensive know-how of the Bühler technologists for conducting tests and investigations, for example feasibility studies, product development and performance tests.

A wide variety of industries take advantage of the Bühler GTC:

  • Grain logistics
  • Flour milling (grain)
  • Specialty milling (pulses)
  • Feed production
  • Seed cleaning
  • Food production (soups, cereals, sugar, etc.)
  • Processing of spices and herbs
  • Production of additives and ingredients (baking aids, etc.)
  • Minerals processing

Die Casting Technology Centers and Test Facilities

Customer specific experiments, zero series and samplings in Switzerland, India and the USA

Bakery Innovation Center

As center of competence for Flour Service, the Bakery Innovation Center offers know-how and comprehensive analytical services within an unique infrastructure.


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