Maximum uptime, minimum downtime.

Even the most robust and reliable machinery and equipment needs regular maintenance. Bühler offers a proven maintenance service for all makes, tailored to your needs. Bühler service experts ensure production processes run smoothly by developing customized maintenance plans for each customer. We will give you comprehensive advice, work with you to plan the necessary work, and carry this out in a way that meets your specific needs.

We offer either our all-inclusive service package, or individual service modules such as our scale service or a separate service contract.

How our service benefits you:

  • You maximize uptime for your machinery and equipment.
  • You minimize downtime.
  • You extend the lifecycle of your production equipment.
  • You increase safety and transparency in manufacturing operations.

Bühler is a technology partner that can help you with every aspect of maintenance. So take the safe option – with Bühler.

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