Sweep MWPR

Sweep MWPR – for careful collection and recycling of spillage flour.

- Clean recycling of flour
- Excellent hygiene
- Extremely safe operation

Sweep MWPR

Bühler's sweep MWPR is applied for the automatic collection of spillage flour and is the ideal complement module for Bühler bagging systems. Leakage flour, which can result from bag breakage, is removed and recycled.

Careful recycling of flour thanks to automatic removal.
The sweep, which is mounted underneath the bagging carousel, is covered by a screen. Any spillage or leakage flour that occurs passes through the screen and is transported to the outlet by the integrated sweeper arm. This method allows the flour to be carefully collected and recycled.

Automatic removal of spillage flour ensures excellent hygiene.
The automatic removal of spillage flour ensures dust-free operation of the bagging system and sweep, thus guaranteeing an excellent level of hygiene.

Proven technology for safe operation.
The Bühler sweep is driven by a flanged-out gear motor. Thanks to the use of this sturdy and practice-proven technology, the module is extremely safe in operation.


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