Oscillating Slide Gate DMDS

Oscillating Slide Gate DMDS – ensures the smooth flow of bulk materials.

- Smooth flow
- Flexible operation
- Space saving

Oscillating Slide Gate DMDS

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler oscillating slide gate DMDS is used for the discharge and feeding of free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk materials. It is specifically designed for large-capacity bins and elevators. It is applied in the feed milling, oilseed milling and food processing industries, as well as other areas requiring discharge of bulk materials. Oscillating motion ensures smooth flow without blockages.
  • The Bühler oscillating slide gate DMDS ensures the smooth flow of free flowing and non-free-flowing bulk materials. Thanks to the oscillating movement of the slide, materials flow easily through the open discharge slots and blockages are eliminated

Intelligent design offers flexible operation.

  • The slide plate design allows for a wide throughput range. 
  • Adjusting the discharge capacity does not require any tools.
  • Different size versions are available in a wide range of capacities to meet specific customer requirements.

Practical thanks to space saving construction.

  • The ready-to-install oscillating slide gate DMDS saves space. Compared to other discharge device models, it requires considerably less installation height.


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