Carat - Gentle handling of the die for more efficient casting

- Optimum flexibility with processes and procedures
- Casting process that protects the die
- Low operating costs
- Easy to use


Carat is a two-platen die casting machine made by Bühler that is available in 13 sizes with a locking force from 10,500 to 44,000 kN. Special casting units can be adapted to their intended application which makes the Carat the best solution for customers that manufacture large and complex parts that have to meet the highest requirements for quality. Optimum flexibility with processes and procedures 
Shot units in three different versions allow for optimum flexibility with processes and procedures:
  • lean – for low shot weight castings with large surface areas
  • compact – for standard castings
  • extended – for high shot weight castings with small surface areas

Casting process that protects the die

  • High degree of rigidness of Bühler’s two-platen closing system reduces the amount of flash. 
  • Variable filling speeds, open shot curve design and Bühler real-time control allow for a casting process that can be precisely controlled and also protects the die.

Low operating costs

  • Space-saving and robust design increase cost effectiveness. 
  • Maintenance costs are reduced thanks to fewer moving parts, fewer lubrication points and very little wear.

Easy to use

  • Quick training period and convenient operation with the DataView control system that supports operators with integrated auxiliary functions. 
  • Specific needs can be met thanks to the numerous additional options.

Carat Video

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