Centrifugal Screen DMHX

Centrifugal Screen DMHX – high separating efficiency.

- High quality products
- Excellent operating efficiency
- Top sanitation standards

Centrifugal Sieve DMHX

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler centrifugal sieve  DMHX is specifically designed as animal feed processing equipment. Its main application is the check screening of finished products. The centrifugal sieve separates and sieves foreign objects, husks and lumps from floury, mealy or granular materials in the feed manufacturing, oil milling, food processing and similar industries. Designed to deliver high quality, uniform end products.
  • The centrifugal sieve DMHX pushes material entering the unit against the screen jacket while simultaneously conveying it slowly toward the outlet, thereby disintegrating even smaller lumps. This results in exceptionally clean, high quality products. 
  • Guarantees uniform particle sizes and end products free of contaminants when applied as a control sieve.

Excellent operating efficiency through continuous self-cleaning.

  • Brushes attached to the rotor clean the screen, ensuring a high separating efficiency. Active sieving area up to 278 dm², depending on machine model.

Top sanitation through easy cleaning.

  • The centrifugal sieve’s design enables high sanitation standards thanks to easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


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