WinPack MEAN

WinPack MEAN – consistent operating concept for efficient bagging.

- High productivity
- Very user-friendly
- High flexibility

WinPack MEAN

WinPack MEAN is an efficient integrated control system for bagging lines – from bagging bin to palletizing. With WinPack, the drives and control system are operated through a single centralized system. Each operation within the bagging line can be configured and controlled on an industry PC with graphical user interface and touch-panel. WinPack is applied for controlling complete bagging lines as well as stand-alone machines. High productivity through integrated control system.
  • The parameters for the complete bagging line can be saved as recipes. Product and bag changes then require only three steps – select, load, and start recipe – an enormous time savings. 
  • The fast pinpointing of error sources by WinPack MEAN minimizes downtimes and in-creases productivity.

High efficiency thanks to high user-friendliness. 

  • Thanks to its illustrative, colored process visualization system, its intuitive user guidance, and a state-of-the-art touch-panel, this bagging control system is very easy to operate and requires only a short time and low cost of personnel introduction.
  • Visualization of the processes is supplemented with plain-language texts. This makes – for example – fast product changes or troubleshooting very much easier. The available user languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. 

Modular design for high flexibility. 

  • The modular design of WinP@ck enables each control system to be tailored to the in-dividual customer requirements. 
  • WinP@ck is networked through a Profibus system with the decentralized control sys-tems; the interface is compatible with all common Grain Milling automation systems.


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