WinCos Traceability

WinCos Traceability - identify, localize, react.

- Complete product tracing
- Precise localization of quality deviations
- Minimized liability risk
- Clear display

WinCos Traceability

The WinCos product tracing system precisely maps the production and delivery process of products. This module is integrated into WinCos automation and is applied successfully in grain milling and grain handling as well as in the production of feed and biomass. The traceability module developed by Bühler records and saves all production data, analyzes every involved process line and makes the information available clearly in graphic form. The system can be expanded for use with both the barcode and RFID technologies. Even in cases where the production chain is long and complicated, each process step can be traced exactly in accordance with EU guideline 178/2002 on product traceability. Complete traceability.
The automated traceability function registers and documents production processes step by step: In this manner, origin and processing of all components used can be accurately traced at all times.
The traceability module combines all information in a centralized database, significantly reducing the logisticsaccounting requirements.

Precise localization of qualitydeviations.
The user is always able to identify the point in the production process at which an irregularity has occurred, to intervene immediately and undertake the appropriate measures.

Complete traceability minimizes liability risk.
Accurate product traceability and documentation make it possible to positively determine which party is responsible for any financial damage that may occur.

All relevant data at a single glance.
With its filtering and search capabilities, the WinCos product tracing system clearly displays even the most complex flows of raw materials and finished products at a single glance.


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