Vibro-Discharger MFVK

Vibro-Discharger MFVK – uniform discharge of bulk materials.

- High sanitation
- Low energy consumption
- Low maintenance

Vibro-Discharger MFVK

Bühler offers its vibro-discharger MFVK for achieving a uniform flow of discharge of bulk materials from concrete, steel and plastic bins. The MFVK guarantees segregation-free and complete discharge of round, square or rectangular bins. Adequate design provides good sanitation
  • All components in contact with the product have a streamlined geometry. This ensures complete, segregation-free discharge.
  • The discharger has been conceived in a way that reduces dust accumulation and the formation of enclosed hollow spaces to a minimum. Thus, residue deposits are largely eliminated.

Compact vibrator for low energy consumption
The discharger MFVK is equipped with a compact vibrator. This leads to minimized energy consumption.

Minimal maintenance required thanks to sturdy design

  • All bearings are lubricated for their entire service life. No relubrication is required during routine maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free system components are one outstanding feature of the robust design of the vibro-discharger MFVK. Time invested in maintenance is thus reduced to a minimum.


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