Twin-Screw Feeder MWSQ

Twin-Screw Feeder MWSQ – Constant product feeding over a broad capacity range.

- Accurate feeding
- High level of sanitation
- Robust and easy to maintain

Twin-Screw Feeder MWSQ

The twin-screw feeder MWSQ is used for the feeding of powdered products to bagging scales. It sets itself apart with a large conveying capacity while maintaining a high level of feeding accuracy. The Bühler twin-screw feeder can be used for a great variety of products and bag weights. Accurate feeding over a broad capacity range.
  • The mode of feed is divided into fast and dribble flow, resulting in both a high product throughput and high feeding accuracy over a large capacity range.
  • The particularly efficient outlet design and the quick-action three-phase brake used to control the dribble flow enable a neat product flow cut-off.

Maximum sanitation thanks to an optimized geometry.

  • The optimized geometry of all parts in contact with the product prevents dust traps and minimizes residue. This ensures maximum sanitation.

Reliable component with maintenance-friendly design.

  • The high quality of the screw and seals ensure a long service life of the screw feeder.
  • Thanks to the user-friendly design, the module is easily accessible for maintenance and service operations.


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