Twin-Screw Feeder MWSP

Twin-Screw Feeder MWSP – for consistent product feeding.

- Accurate feed rate
- High product throughput
- Excellent sanitation

Twin-Screw Feeder MWSP

The MWSP twin-screw feeder feeds powdered products to bagging scales. Exact weights thanks to precise dosing and consistent product feeding
  • The mode of feed of the twin-screw feeder MWSP is divided into fast and dribble flow, which allows an accurate achievement of desired weights.
  • Horizontal louvers incorporated in the outlet and a quick-action three-phase brake for controlling the dribble flow enable neat cut-off of the product flow.
  • The optimal inlet geometry ensures uniform product feed.

Wide throughput range for high product throughput

The division of the feeding mode into fast and dribble flow enables a high product throughput.

High sanitation

The twin-screw feeder MWSP is also available in a stainless steel version with cleaned bearings. 





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