Small plansifter Azurit MPAU

Small plansifter Azurit MPAU – High efficiency and separation precision on a small footprint

- Optimal space-performance-ratio
- High sifting and grading flexibility
- Minimal cleaning effort
- Reliable operation

Small plansifter Azurit MPAU

The small plansifter Azurit is used for sifting and grading powdered and granulated products. Optimal space-performance-ratio
  • High throughput capacity with NOVA sieve cleaner
  • NOVAPRIME sieve mesh for consistently high separation precision
  • Small footprint
High sifting and grading flexibility
  • Wide variety of different sieve frames available
  • Flexible adaptation to specific requirements in sifting and grading
Minimal cleaning effort
  • Equipped with NOVA sieve stack
  • All product touching parts are readily accessible
  • Easy and efficient cleaning
Reliable operation
  • Exclusive use of high-quality material
  • Sturdy construction
  • Minimal maintenance effort


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